The creator of the platformer Downwell was invited to work at Nintendo

The creator of the platformer Downwell was invited to work at Nintendo 24.01.20221 [16:47], Alexey Likhachev

Ojiro Fumoto, author of the beloved roguelike platformer Downwell, joins Nintendo. “It was insanely fun making games as an independent developer. And I can't wait to find out what it's like to work in a big team, ”he said.

Fumoto released Downwell in October 2021 on iOS and Windows. Later there were versions for Android, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game tells about "a young man falling into a well and fighting opponents with the help of cannons on his boots.". On the way, he collects coins and spends them from periodically meeting merchants.

Downwell Fumoto began development in March 2021. The project was mentioned in one of the articles of The Guardian, thanks to which the publishing house Devolver Digital found out about its existence. It offered Fumoto a "large sum of money" to help him get the game into the market.

“Got a job at Nintendo! I will try my best!"- he wrote on Twitter. What exactly he will do is not yet known. It is also not specified what will happen with the upcoming collection of indie games UFO 50 - Fumoto was supposed to work on one of the fifty projects available in it.


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